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Testimonials Fom Happy Precious Jewels Parents




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Testimonials From Happy Precious Jewels Parents




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  first came to Prcious Jewels  a few months ago as I happened to see the nursery's sign when passing by, When I asked for further information, I was shown around and was immediately made to feel welcomed by the nursery secretary whom I first made Contact. April 2013


This family nursery managed and run by parents themselves has recently opened and I have had the opportunity to speak with both management / investors & staff alike. I am very impressed with their openness, honesty & kindness and have felt most comfortable to discuss any concerns in respect of my child's needs, confident that they will be taken on board.


The emphasis placed on the overall well being of the children is apparent whilst at the same time attention to detail is paid to the particular needs of each child, The Nursery does  have a very' family'  feel about it and there is not the feeling that your child is lost in an environment that is too large and overwhelming. My child was offfered ample opportunities to settle in and has now started to attend on a permanent part time basis. She is always happy to go to the nursery and is keen to wear he Precious Jewels uniform.


As a  Muslim parent one of the most important factors is the provision of Halal food  freshly cooked on premises which I have not found in any other nursery in the area. This takes away the continual worry of whether my child is being given food in accordance with religious requirements.


For me Precious Jewels Nursery offered an additional childcare facility with great flexibility. I really appreciate the consideration that is given to the feelings of the parents which I believe stems from the fact that Cathy is a parent herself. Above all I have been given great peace of mind by the warmth of all involved and by the way my child responds when she attends. I am keen to give my support to the nursery in it's first year in the local area. I see Precious Jewels Nursery as an important resource an as a valuable asset for tooting.

Alison- Tooting. March 2010






My son spent nearly 2 years being cared for at Precious Jewels nursery. being a teacher myself I have very high standards. All staff at Precious Jewels nursery exceeded my expectations.My son has three older sisters and  is very stubborn. the staff got to know him so well they managed his behaviour excellently. He is the most polite child. I thank Precious Jewels teachers for this- as it's not coming from my family (laugh). He loves to brush his teeth,  maintains that we all must put on our seat belts when driving and we must always share. I know that he has had the best possible start to his life. thank you . Mrs Ahmed-Croydon July 11.




My child started Precious Jewels Nursery a few weeks after he became two. After just a couple of weeks My husband and I noticed a great change in his confidence speech and his social development. As an only child he was not used to sharing or socialising with other children.His behaviour has changed rapidly for the better since starting nursery. 

Mrs Rehman-Streatham April 2010. August 2011 - my family relocated to our native South Africa and was pleased to welcome the

Precious Jewels family into our home. My son was ecstatic to see his first best friend. it was extremely touching how they greeted each and of course we had problems as they said good bye. the children decided to not say goodbye but see you soon.



Just a note to say thank you for taking great care of our two princess while we were in the United Kingdom. The girls loved it which made daddy and I enjoy our family holiday even more as children get very bored of shopping very quickly. it was amazing to find a service so professional and caring for our children. It's extremely difficult to make everyone happy when abroad but this time the family as a whole was contented. Mr Miller especially enjoyed the check-in calls received from staff.  Mr & Mrs Miller- Florida USA. August 2011